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Finding a great travel shop is a essential for finding and trusting the right luggage, products and accessories which are key to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience which is why I created this site. It’s fueled my passion for researching new and exciting products that I not only use myself but also share with my friends and globetrotting family.

It always surprises me when I travel, even to places I’ve been multiple times, that there is usually something that catches me out, something I’ve forgot to bring or some procedural change that throws me off. It’s OK though as it keeps me on my toes and adds to the fun.

I’m an engineer by day so I love to find new and exciting technology that not only works but becomes an essential part of the traveling experience. My passion for travel has driven me to create this travel shop product review showcasing the essential travel products for any adventure.

My country count is up to 40 which has largely been completed solo ranging from backpacking around the world to planned trips to 5 star hotels. I love the experiences, challenges and freedom that traveling presents and I hope to continue as long as I’m on this beautiful planet.

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The products I have showcased on this site have been reviewed and approved as essential for any adventure by a seasoned traveler. The products have been compared with the pros and cons and an opportunity to purchase where possible. I hope you enjoy looking at the offerings and feel inspiration to try out the suggestion as we love them! 

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