I’ve been traveling the world now since I was 14 when I did my first trip to Hong Kong to visit my brother who worked there. It was a family trip and came with all the excitement of my first flight on a plane and getting 2 weeks off school. It did come with a project however, to document my trip with words and pictures. I ended up writing pages and pages of the history, the transport system, the food (not all good), the smells (same) and things I noticed about the people. It was in retrospect, my first paper blog.

Of course a trip isn’t always an expedition and weekends away in the car, perhaps to wine country, the coast or the mountains are also just as fulfilling. The thing I have learned is to enjoy the moment regardless where you are and don’t bring thoughts and worries from work or home on holiday with you. They are just not invited. Times away, particularly on a plane are great for reflecting on life’s bigger picture. It’s a check in for myself.

It always surprises me when I travel, even to places I’ve been multiple times, that there is usually something that catches me out, something I’ve forgot to bring or some procedural change that throws me off. It’s OK though as it keeps me on my toes and adds to the fun.

It’s worth mentioning the loyalty programs …. I’ve concluded that having a Star Alliance coupled with a OneWorld frequent flyer account covers it along with a good hotel chain. I’ve been a big fan of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty program and have been able to easily maintain Platinum status for many years now. It has paid back not only by allowing me to cash in points for free or reduced rate nights but it does pay back for free room upgrades. As far as the airline reward programs are concerned, I’ve only really liked the one offered by Cathay Pacific. United Mileage Plus has been a staple for me for the past few years but the upgrades are not worth it based on the standard of the airline in my opinion. I think it is good to change programs once in a while so I’m currently on the hunt for the one that suits me best. Watch this space for feedback on my search! Of course, there are always times that trips come up that fall outside of these programs which should be embraced.

I’ve learned that having the right luggage, products and accessories are key to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience which is why I created this site. It’s fueled my passion for researching new and exciting products that I not only use myself but also share with my friends and globetrotting family.

I’m an engineer by day so I love to find new and exciting technology that not only works but becomes an essential part of the traveling experience.

Since then my country count is up to 40 which has largely been completed solo ranging from backpacking around the world to planned trips to 5 star hotels. I love the experiences, challenges and freedom that traveling presents and I hope to continue as long as I’m on this beautiful planet. I enjoy scratching off my next country experience from my wall map below.