Best Antibacterial Wipes for Travel

best antibacterial wipes for travel

If you are bit of a germaphobe like me then there are some essential things to bear in mind when traveling. Even if you are not too conscious about germs there are definite things you should know, I have been on many trips now where I have spent $$$ and used up precious holiday time only to have to deal with a cold/flu or stomach issue that quite frankly ruined the trip so investing in the best antibacterial wipes for travel is a must.

Sources of germs you may not know about:

  • The seat pocket on a plane. Yes, the worst place of all as people were sitting in your seat only hour(s) before you and they had their fingers and food all over it not to mention the sneezing and coughing they probably did as well.
  • Your passport – When you hand over your passport to the airline checking staff or even the customs agent they have touched 100s of passports before you. Think about it!
  • Finger scanners used in immigration – You think they clean those!
  • The remote control in your hotel room – I’m sure it rarely gets a rub down. ¬†yourself (and the next guest) and give it a sanitizing rub down
  • Anything that falls on the floor of the plane. Always a gut reaction to grab it if it falls on the floor but think about the amount of people that have walked on it on your flight and all the others. They don’t steam clean the carpets!
  • The plane blanket – Not freshly laundered as much as you think!
  • Plane Tray Table – Think about the amount of food and drink that gets dropped on this and it is not sanitized like even a basic restaurant would do. If it falls on the table then I’d leave it there!

Here are some things to consider when traveling to avoid colds when traveling:

  • Don’t touch your face when on a plane. Rubbing your eyes, sticking your finger in your nasal cavity or ears or even mouth is a direct may to transfer the breeding ground of germs on a plane.

There is a great article to back up this post in GQ magazine. Check it out here.

Buy some antibacterial wipes!

In addition to the best antibacterial wipes for travel you can find other essential products to find for your Toiletries Packing List.